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You should be able to just right click on the desktop and go into display settings and set a resolution. This has been working for me. I'd still kind of like to see a button in the SC app to switch between common resolutions kind of like how TeamViewer has, but the functionality right now is definitely livable.

Yes, this would be helpful. If the client doesn't have O365 and Windows logins synced, I kind of need to be able to store both logins in order to perform certain tasks if the user steps away from the computer.

I actually assumed this was the way it worked. I was quite surprised that it kept the credentials after the host disconnected. This is a security concern for me. I would like the ability to have those deleted either after a host session is disconnected, or after a certain period of time.

so I talked with someone at Automation Nation and they basically said they haven't started on it. Adding this feature would be a complete rebuild of the way the program displays the remote screen.

That being said, it still needs to happen. It's an important feature to have when everything is being designed for widescreen devices these days.

This would be super helpful for us as well. We host our CWM instance in-house. We have a failover internet circuit, but Control can't take advantage of it. As Control is our primary means of connecting to our client machines, if they can't checkin to the Control server, it's perfectly useless. Having the ability to have a secondary IP for the clients to try to connect with would be a hugely beneficial enhancement.

I say let us choose. Have a setting in app.config that gives options to always lock, never lock, and prompt on exit. Something like that. But we definitely need an override in one of the dropdown menus. Because I would like to have it auto lock, especially if a session times out, but if we've been on the phone with an end-user and disconnect, I'd rather their session not lock on them. This is the way TeamViewer had it set.

so, a year later, how close are we to getting this?

This is a big one for us as well. We have this ability with TeamViewer, and it's the one feature that's keeping us from switching over completely.