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Remember when it was still ScreenConnect and it felt like the developers actually read and understood our requests?

Simple quality of life requests like this and "stop putting our files in the client's docs"?

I'm running the latest stable version and, from the web dashboard, just sent a message to my own PC -- the chat window appeared behind the browser, not in front, blinking on the taskbar.  I really don't want to use "always on top" because that will just train my clients to X out the window without reading it.  I just want it to appear in front of all windows until acknowledged, just like most new windows do.

Wouldn't that defeat the self-hosted option?  One reason I started with ScreenConnect years ago over other products was the self-hosting -- if SC ever went belly-up, my installation wouldn't stop working.

Another good reason for this feature is when you want to run a tool that has a separate settings (or license) file.  Send the accessory files over first (without running) and then send over the main tool to be run automatically.

The craziest thing is, Chris, that they DID put it in.  Around 5.5 and not for long.  It was there and then they took it away and wrecked it again.

Just to check, Kristen, having it in the Processor section looks like it means the system is x64-capable as opposed to putting it next to the Windows version.  The way it is displayed, will that necessarily mean that it is absolutely an x64 system?

Kristen, will it be possible to search workstations based on uptime?  Or at least create a group where "Uptime>7d"?

I'd like to be able to send a message to those people asking them to reboot at their convenience.

Not sure why there is hostility being spewed here.  I'm just trying to draw a clear distinction between temporarily disconnecting from an a session and Ending it (or Exiting it on the client's side).

👍  I've been getting by with noting if they have more than 4GB ram or having to look for a Program Files (x86) folder but this will be better and easier.

I'd like to encourage against doing this.  There are times where I temporarily disconnect from a session but don't want it ended until I say I'm done with it.  "I'll disconnect while this scan runs and reconnect in ~20 minutes" during which time I connect (with my single license) to another PC and get another quick job done.

When I am done with a Support session, I will End it manually.