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I completely agree, just figured I'd mention the Control server reboot spam as it's in the same ballpark.

Er maybe I should have worded that better, we have it limited to servers only already. But we have a LOT of servers as well as few clients that trigger too...

Glad this has been picked up! For us the best result would be just a simple text box where you can put in seconds before a trigger actually triggers (allow a different time for each created trigger).

So if I had 2 triggers one for "servers" and one for "clients" I could set a ~60 second timer for "servers" just to remove any internet blips and reboots and a ~300 second for "clients". 

Im not sure if it's changed yet but the reason we don't use the extension was that it didn't include when a machine comes back online. 

As a side note, my ticket was merged here and another large problem we have is if the Control server reboots it floods us with every machine coming online. Would it be possible to delay triggers on the Control Server all together for like 60 seconds while it settles from a reboot? 

From what I've read it will always add the delay, we do like having the message ASAP but the triggers on reboot are completely benign and useless. It's especially annoying as we're over 100 machines that trigger