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I mean disconnecting sessions not only hide. As Pfp says, Hosts Always leave support sessions open and we have to manually disconnect old sessions. It is very useful to have an Automatic Mechanism ti disconnect old sessions Automatically.

I Think SupportSessionExpireSeconds allow to close support session for which there is not connection. No connection of Hosts and no connection for Guest. My Request is for a new feature, as stated before, to allow automatic management (End Sessions) of disconnected parties situations, so one can End session after specific expiration time for: Only Guest Connected, Only Host Connected, Both Connected, Neither Connetced.

I've just set to 120, but the support session with no Host connected, does not seem to close after this expiration time

Thank you. it would be very useful to can control different expiration for: Host not connected, Guest Not Connected, None connected, so instead of cleaning manually.

Thank you

In effect this is a Feature request, so one can control what host can Wake On Lan remote systems. As now any hosts can do that.

AcquireWakeLock is not to avoid screensaver ? I mean Wake command to send wake on lan.

What mean SupportSessionExpireSecond ? Host disconnected ? Guest Disconnected ? Host and Guest Disconnected ?