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Thank you for the clarification.

Don't suppose you can offer any advice on how to use your API now that the MFA on each user prevents it from being used?

I had not thought about that.  Certainly an option if I cannot get this API figure out.  I was just hoping to not have to have my L1 techs logged in all the time and keep it a simple One click from Snow..

Thanks for the information, really appreciate it.

Pretty sure it was abandoned as ConnectWise and ServiceNow are competitors now that space.  Not good for the rest of us.  It just surprised me to see the Extension in ScreenConnect.  Guess they forgot to remove it, like everything else in there.

Trying to figure out the API currently.  They seem to no longer support that either as their mandatory MFA now breaks the authentication.  Seeing if I can get it to work by Authenticating to SAML\OAUTH.

Looks like the extension is showing again.  However, there is no setup information at all available.  Do you have any your could share?