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From a security perspective, if you are the account owner  and your sole Yubikey is Stolen/Destroyed, what now? Time for a fresh install? There has to be a “Glass Break” option to regain access. What is more secure than simply having a backup YubiKey?


Not sure who your comment was directed at, me or ConnectWise.

Here is the best practice “from the horse’s mouth”:

“Best practice is to have multiple YubiKeys set up for your accounts. One on your keychain, or one in your wallet, or one in a safe place at home will help to make sure you’ve always got a backup YubiKey nearby”

@Jeff We are working around this by creating multiple accounts for our admins. Each of them has "First.Last.1" and "First.Last.2" each paired with a different Yubikey. This also gives you a way to reset if you accidentally lock yourself out of one account.

Not the most elegant solution, but it works to provide redundancy.

+1 Need this functionality.