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if they implement it they do have to have the ability for it to be turned off and on by the msp. Because if they just implement it that anybody can just kick the host off what about the times that you log into a computer with your admin privilege's and then the guest kicks you off of the computer now they have access to the computer and whatever your user has access to.  Now said user starts deleting things or looking at files they should not have access to because said user got wind that they were going to get fired soon. now the company sues you because you gave that person administrator permission to things they should not have access to. You then turn around and sue connectwise because their software caused all this trouble.

So truthfully I can see why Connectwise is so Leary at doing this. You may say oh that would never happen to us or we would not sue connectwise if this happened.  But you have to remember this software is used throughout the world not just in one country and their are sleaze balls everywhere that are looking to sue big companies for money.

Just my .02 cents

What I really would like which maybe it is possible and if someone can tell me how to do it.  I am the admin in control but I can't seem to figure out how to kick another technician that is remote using the webstie on a computer I can't access and they have a session going and they walk away from the computer.  I can't seem to figure out how to disconnect him from the host.

I believe it should be an option.  I also agree with the post above that we should be able to turn it on and off.  The reason I say to be able to give or take away that option is because What if you are logged into the person computer with your account which has domain admin rights and the user just disconnects you now they have a computer that now has full access to everything. including changing your password or just creating an admin user for themselves If they are smart enough.