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Ive been checking these forums on and off for several years now hoping that they would finally implement something  and im finding it hard to believe this kinda thing has not been dealt with yet.

We have around 2k-3k of machines, but after years of reimaging Classroom labs every semester  i just found out that we have over 6500 machines in Screen Connect?!!!  for more than 50% of those machines or sessions are duplicates. 

Some are many duplicates for the same machines that have been reimaged over and over, especially test machines, for example some of my techs have a number of test machines and a bunch of t hem had +40 duplicates. Now something like that is easy to clear out since its a bunch of duplicates for 1 machine... but when you have 2-3 duplicates per machine for 2k - 3k  of machines then manually removing them becomes a massive time consumption.   

I dont have this issue with SCCM  or Deep Freeze that manages duplicates based upon MAC addressses.

Ive spent several days manually removing duplicates and ive still barely made a dent in cleaning up this, and now that we added SC Cloud as an additonal to our on-premise ScreenConnect server  this is driving me insane!!! :-(

What makes manual removal of ScreenConnect with multiple duplicates for the same machine, especially if that machine is not online or cannot currently contact the server is that it becomes very difficult to tell which was the last current record for the machine, so when removing duplicates it becomes very easy to accidently delete the machine from ScreenConnect, so now i have to look at the last connected dates of thousands of machines, sadly i cannot sort by last connected date for duplicates either  *sigh* sorry this has been massively frustrating for me. 

Sadly i will be back to this same boat by the end the start of the next semester when i have to reimage all of these labs again.