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They should give us the option to enable it, or not.

Do you have the ability to filter computer by criteria like client and location?

Honestly, I'm dumping Control anyhow... for me personally, the ridiculous lack of any decent amount of branding (including the fact that you have only two or three options to customize is the big deal breaker. But this issue with Access is also ridiculous, and ConnectWise could fix it if they wanted to, but all indications are that the don't care.

That doesn't work at all if you need unattended access, which I often do.

I already have plans to replace Control with Remotely, a relatively new, open-source remote control product that addresses all of my concerns with Control. I'm not just an IT professional, I'm also a developer, and my plans are to contribute code to the project at some point.

I'm wondering how many releases there has been in FIVE YEARS of software development as to this not being an option for an administrator by now. NO excuse

This, along with the pathetic, complete lack of branding/customization features for people who use ConnectWise Control in the cloud... those are the two primary reasons I'm ditching Control at some point soon (when it's practical to do so).

Don't make a forum available for customer feedback if you're not going to listen, ConnectWise.

From a technical standpoint, Control is pretty awesome, but I can't allow a company that refuses to address security issues to have any kind of access to my computers, or my clients'.


So, it turns out you CAN kill live sessions. This isn't really documented anywhere useful. And I don't know if my "I pay for three concurrent sessions but can only use two" problem was fixed. I should probably check.

This is what I'm paying for?

I'm supposed to be able to connect up to three simultaneous remote-control sessions and I only have two open sessions, so this shouldn't even matter - but I have no free sessions left, and the only way I can get in to end the existing Control sessions right now is to... launch Control. Except that that doesn't work because I allegedly have no licenses left. I was the person who kicked off the original sessions when I was at the client's place, 30 minutes from here (one way); I can't go out there now, I'm not going to ask the client to go to his office at almost 10pm, and I'm irritated. 

Yeah, this situation was my fault; guilty as charged - but the fact that FOR YEARS, you've basically ignored requests to create a feature that would ALLOW ME TO FIX IT MYSELF, is a huge problem. And *that* ISN'T my fault.

Why hasn't this been implemented yet, and why should I continue to pay ConnectWise for this service?