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Does anyone have any good recommendations for software to replace Control? Preferably software from a company that doesn't sit on bugs for years

Click the task view button

Create a new desktop

Switch between them by hitting Ctrl+Win+left arrow or right arrow. Now when you switch between desktops if you have been working in Control, when you go to type on the local computer it will act as if you have the windows key held down. It cripples productivity. Have tried with different hardware, wiping and reloading windows, it is a control bug that has been open for years. 

You have to use it with virtual desktops. It happens literally every day for me and didn't happen years ago before the update. I will start typing on my local computer and everything will get minimized and windows explorer will popup and every letter I type will act as if I have the windows key held down.

Does ConnectWise even read these things? Having a bug open for 2+ years that kills productivity is pitiful for a software company. Why is there even a bug reports forum? 

Has anyone figured out a workaround other than not using virtual desktops? ConnectWise has no interest in fixing the issue. It's been two years.