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Hi Luke,

Once security events are triggerable, we'll be able to update the Syslog Ext.

Hi Rmaster,

Thank you for reporting a bug with us. Kindly, tell us the Samsung Tablet series you are using. Also, the Android and Control Versions.


Thank you for the information. Please contact our Support for further investigation and resolution.

Hi Christian,

Can you please try upgrading your Control instance on the latest stable version 21.9 and see if it still occurs. Also, is it specific to one device or having same issue on the other device too?

Hi Christian,

You can create a session group and combine that with a specific role that only allows remote access. Like this users will see what you want them to see and access.

Note: We don't apply permissions per machine, its per role.

Hi Chris,

Sorry to hear about the issue you are having. You can try 'Delete Only' option to remove the agent from the access list and manually uninstall it from the guest machine.

Hi Christian,

Kindly, tell us the Control version you are on and the device info you are having issues with. Also, provide the support ticket number, if any.

Hi Charwerth,

The above request has already been fulfilled. Please install 'Advanced Configuration Editor' on your instance (if not installed already) then go to Web Config > Quick Settings to make the changes.

For more info please click the link.

Hope this helps !!