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We're sorry to hear about the issue you are experiencing. Please reach out to our Support team for further investigation.

Hi Shannen,

For the further investigation, please reach out to our Support team.

Hi Shannen,

We're sorry to hear about the issues you are experiencing. Please reach out to our Support team for further investigation.

Hi Shannen,

We do have an option to turn off consent to the Backstage. If you wish to, you can go to Admin > Advanced Configuration Editor > Quick Settings and turn off 'Auto Consent to Backstage'.


Hi Rguasp,

Please install Advanced Configuration Editor extension from the MarketPlace to hide Control icon from the guest system tray. If you already using this extension, please make sure you have the latest version.


Hi Andoni,

Seems you have 3 different requests here. Please see answers for all of them below:
1. I want machines under access to be automatically removed if they have not connected in x amount of days.

While we don't currently have a way automatically remove or uninstall Access agents, you can create a session group to corral all machines offline for certain period ie. a year. The filter is GuestLastBootTime < $365DAYSAGO

Note that GuestLastBootTime is is equivalent to the Uptime field on the General tab.

2. I've noticed that a second device is created in connectwise after a creators update so I'll have the 1 machine showing up twice but one of them will never connect.

Please select all the agents which you want to uninstall and then right click > select Delete. A modal will open. Select an option from the modal you want to go for and click Perform. Refer below screenshot for clarity.

Please make sure you will remove the only device(s) which is not connecting.

3. I'm also thinking of machines that we retire in 5 years time. If we replace all our machines, will our old machines still be kept in connectwise?

Yes. As long as don't you uninstall and delete them.

Hi Hawaii,

Please tell us what Control version you are on?

Hi Perry,

Thank you for raising Feature Request with us.

Please install 'Guest Initiated Chat' extension which will allow your clients to click on it to send a connection request. They can also chat with you using the same.

As you have mentioned older people have difficulty starting the remote session. You might want to try 'Guest Download Assistant' extension from MarketPlace.

Hope this helps !!

Hi John Della Pietra,

We apologies for the issue you are experiencing.

It seems there could be an issue with the settings you have in Advanced Configuration Editor. You might want to check that on your side. You can refer this doc (link given below) for more info (to save your time quickly jump on "Auto-consent when accessing Backstage" section):

If you still experience the same issue. Please provide us more information such as the instance version you are on, the error message (if any), screenshots would be helpful too. 

Also, elaborate more  on when you say "other times their connection seems to drop and their computer cannot be contacted to allow me to reconnect." - do you see any type of error message like consent refused when you try to reconnect?

Awaiting your reply.

Hi Simon,

We apologies for the issue you are experiencing.

Kindly tell us if you have built the 'Japanese Language Extension' based on our Translation Extension Builder?