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So.. went to see friend.. he is running 14.04, not 16.04... =) Now he is on windows.

You guys do realize we represent like 1% of their business model, right? Windows for the win! B*tches... ;)

What's coming up in 2021.5?

We’re very, very excited to bring you 2021.5 this spring, which includes one of our most-requested features: recording login attempts and lockouts in the audit log. Our developers have spent a lot of time fortifying the security of the product, and we hope this new feature becomes an integral part of your security management.

Additional improvements in 2021.5 include:

  • An update to the instructional dialog for macOS Big Sur
  • A new permission for creating a host pass

See our 2021.5 release notes for more details.

If you’re interested in testing a 2021.5 pre-release version for yourself, check out our download page. As always, we don’t recommend testing a pre-release version on a production server.

To receive email notifications on this latest release, use the "Follow" feature in the 2021.5 Output Stream thread.

Well... I guess my friend was right. 

I don't think so.. but then again I have mine set for max 30 minutes without forcing the user to re-authenticate... no matter what. Default is 360.. I suppose folks can forget to log out or have their 2fa stuff stolen.

You should be using two form authentication.. Lot's of horror stories of folks that don't use that... 

They were using Connectwise Control without two form:

Well.. as I said in earlier posts.. try 16.04 LTS.. my buddy uses it without a hitch. I was on a beta linux version they removed from the site.. and I doubt they come up with another update.

So.... decided to turn off the IIS stuff and just run straight screenconnect with SSL. Something with cookies. When I logout it doesn't always log me out when I used IIS. stuff. 

Oh.. I have IIS doing SSL Offloading with URL Rewrite... this command helps preserve headers. "Notes"

"C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\appcmd.exe" set config -section:system.webServer/proxy /preserveHostHeader:"True" /commit:apphost

So nice being on Windows now.. my god it is fast. No more sessions thinking I am still connected. No more "time to reboot the server"... =) Guys... if any of you have programmed in C#.. you would know they decided on Dot Net Framework awhile back.. With Mono implementations... Mono... isn't the best these days for C#. And yes... .NET (Linux, OSX, Windows) would be ideal.. but porting an entire program from Dot Net Framework to .NET is not as easy as you guys might think. Either way... Mono...... get off of mono. This program uses a ton of threading and Mono sucks at threading. It was just until after Dot Net Framework 4.5 (4.7) that threading issues were improved.. so imaging threading with Mono. But you sure as hell don't want the client to be in .NET... be a MUCH larger download.. most folks don't have that installed. Once I realized that they forked Mono.. writing was on the wall. Maybe mono and newer Libc, systemd, kernel... are too much for that fork. But maybe 16.04 works... that is what I think.. but I don't want to use something that old. I do miss my fail2ban setup though. Maybe some exploit that might of worked.. won't work on Mono because it will just crash a thread. Running my setup on Digital Ocean... with Windows 10 If you go off the guides on the internet to do Digital Ocean and windows 10, use the latest iso download, not links on the guides.. you won't boot newer then 1809.. as their driver on those guides is not signed with the newer SHA256. I have an EC2 account but decided to go with Digital Ocean still. =) Digital Ocean's webconsole works with a GUI in Windows.. Pretty cool.. EC2 requires RDP when setup. Digital Ocean has a strict 2fa policy. When I was in jail waiting for trial (google it), my wife tried to get into my Digital Ocean to pay the bill, but couldn't because of 2fa. Even with my drivers license and etc, they told her no. Looking back, that made me pretty happy. They reset it for me eventually, but it took so long I created a new droplet. I did have her backup my database.. over a jail phone I told her how to use putty to create a tar.gz and then had her use scp to download it.. Took like an hour. Nite! =)