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6 years and going strong. Such a simple request, must be an insane amount of work to implement?

Any update on this Connectwise?

@nick - I've lodged this with support probably a month ago. Telling them their extension (which is epic by the way) doesn't work with Edge (Chromium). They told me they would let the developers know. 

@Rishikesh - this cannot be a hard thing to update? I have used this extension for years and it makes life so much easier for technicians. Please can we get traction on this?

+1 - very interesting feature, but I don't know how this would work. It would depend on how you format. Some re-image the system (which you could update the image with Connectwise Control inbuilt), myself I typically remote execute the reset feature on Windows 10, which then follows your point. I assume in the Windows reset process it creates a partition to allow a full wipe and re-install. Would be very interested to know how this would be implemented.

+1 from me too. Customise the location would be brilliant. I would like to have it on the left or the right.

+1 from me too. If we could customise the location that would be brilliant. I personally would put it on the left or right.

Lately I haven't been transferring big files, but today I transferred 50MB from local to remote computer (not via the toolbox). I haven't noticed anything as yet.

I'm running version - 6.9.21870.6964

Agreed. I use Nginx reverse proxy, but in my opinion it should be part of the installation. That Let's Encrypt related post is also brilliant idea.