Your comments

Yes!  We definitely need a way to disable this new feature.  It is definitely a major nuisance!

I've been using the Maximize option, but still makes multitasking difficult. 

I did some testing, and it does appear that if I open all my sessions on the left external monitor, things work fine when the laptop is not docked.  But if I open any on the right external monitor, then the I have problems when not docked.  The software is remembering what monitor the session was last opened on. 

I too am having the same problem (Win10/1903), which started with update version 19.5.26030.7282 and continues with version 19.5.26194.7292. Uninstalling and reinstalling ConnectWise Control did not fix the problem. It's as if ConnectWise is remembering that I moved a session to the right monitor when docked and tries to open it again on that monitor even though it is not connected.  I have checked display settings when not docked and verified Windows does not see external monitors.  This is a real problem that limits my efficiency when working off dock.