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routeserver: Thank your very much for the information.

Chris Catucci: You are right, Screen Connect On-Prem on Windows is a solution but to be honest the way ConnectWise handled its Linux clients over the last year left a bad taste in my mouth. If I can find an alternative, I will simply leave the ConnectWise boat! 

Well it seems it is time to seek an alternative. Since the folks at ConnectWise don't monitor this post, I would like to know if any of you have tried SimpleHelp?

Thank you very much. I have no knowledge of Docker, but I will give it a try when I have a little bit of time.

Hi Luca,

I would like to try your approach. Did you follow a guide/tutorial to help you out with the configuration of the mail relay? Also, how did you configure Screen Connect mail?

Thank you very much

Thank you, I'll contact support.

I just tried to submit a support ticket ( about the security bulletin "ConnectWise Control Host Header Injection". where I wanted to know when a secure version will be available for us, their Linux customers but I get a "403 Forbidden" when clicking the Submit button! What's the best way to contact them beside phone?

The “Initial” bug report about this problem has been created almost a year ago (

Back in December ConnectWise released a security bulletin concerning a vulnerability ( Since the fix is in version 20.13 and the Linux version is way way behind, it seems we are stuck with a vulnerable version!

@caitlin, I think we have been very patient. Like you asked, bug reports have been filled but it seems the resolution of the problem is going at a crawling speed! As a Product Manager for ConnectWise, you shouldn’t let us in the dark by giving us the silent treatment! Please be more pro-active and keep us informed about the progress (if any) and be honest with us!

Hi Timothy,

I followed your guide but when I tried to start Screen Connect, the service would not start in the background. Usually the service takes between 15 to 25 seconds to start. After 2 minutes, I stopped the command and the log was already 200KB!

Should I wait longer? Do you want a log?

I also experienced high Cpu utilization on my linux server. With version 19.4.25759.7247, I had a Cpu utilization around 1%. When it was released, I installed version 19.6.27027.7360 where the Cpu utilization reach a constant 30%. I also installed the latest version (20.1.27036.7360). The cpu utilization is almost as high with 27%.

Below you can see the jump in Cpu utilization after installing version 19.6.27027.7360 and the little reduction after installing version 20.1.27036.736

Steve Moring, did you try the latest version (20.1.27036.7360)? Do you experience high Cpu utilization?


I have the same problem with ScreenConnector. I run ScreenConnect on an Ubuntu server behind a Nginx reverse proxy.

I get the message "Unable to connect to the remote server". After reading Zinc's bug report, I decided to check the ip and remote port that ScreenConnector is trying to use. The IP is the right one (WebServerAddressableUri) but the port is 8040 which is the non proxy port (WebServerListenUri).

Here are the keys from my web.config

key="WebServerListenUri" value="http://+:8040/"

key="WebServerAddressableUri" value=""

Zinc, since you are also behind a reverse proxy, does the "External Accessibility Check" Passed or Failed on your setup? On mine, I get "Unrecognized server. Not ScreenConnect Web Server." for the Web Server.