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So, does that mean my default is set to something else? The notification blue bubble has been there for at least three weeks.

I checked and it is set to 10 minutes. So, this appears to be a bug IMO.

Same here along with other errors after the latest and greatest update. Following

Nope, I added it to my whitelist in the portal and had to work with my users to get it reinstalled. Thanks

This is has caused a disconnection issue with many of my PC users that are not local admins so I cannot reinstall the software and they live in different states. So, needless to say, I cannot support them. :(

Confirming this is resolved via the latest release. Not the one previously posted in this message.

I can see all screens on the thumbnail but not when I connect a session.

Just updated my agents and it does not appear to be fixed. Still experiencing everything mentioned in this thread.

So, there was an update today. Nothing is fixed in regard to this issue. Still cannot see multiple monitors and the on focus of the mouse is not happening along with troubled to no page refresh. Geez, I guess you get what you pay for. Logmein is so expensive but never has as many issues as Screenconnect.

Also, the on focus or mouse click does not line up with anything. I cannot click anything where I want it and yields itself unusable.