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4 years and not implemented? This seems so basic to have.  Once in a Zoom meeting, I am not beholden to the meeting organizer to leave it, or stop sharing my screen.  Even having the ability to blank out the screen on the host-side would be a good half-measure to hide private information while on a support session.

This should be controlled by a separate variable, preferably one that allows us to restrict backstage access by group as well as account role.  For security we need all of the following, otherwise it is pretty much a security hole to even have it available at all.

1) Backstage should comply with consent

2) Techs who can switch sessions, but not have backstage access (eg: assisting end users on terminal servers)

3) Techs who can have backstage access, but only on workstations (defined by groups).  No server backstage allowed.