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There definitely needs to be means of better handling this situation - either the ability to adjust the countdown durationl, or if that's not feasible provide the ability to pause it with a keystroke combination.

Thanks for the link and support.

One reason I missed that may have been that we had skipped version 6.9 and we were moving from 6.8 to 19.0 - so I started with the archived release notes which contained version 6.9 and right above that version 19.0 - but no link to any videos.

On version 6.9 there's a link "View condensed release notes" right under the "Current build: 6.9.21691" heading. when I clicked on that it seemed to just be videos and not the detail. I thought version 19.0 also had a "Condensed" link, but I'm not seeing it now.

Anyway, yes a nice highlighted bullet or bullet section that says "UI Changes" would save folks some grief in the future.

Thank you - Richard