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That said, I will submit my case .. yet again.  It'll be the fourth time. They haven't replied to any of mine so far...

I upgraded to the latest version and that seemed to solve it for a week or so.  As of today, McAfee has started quarantining ScreenConnect files again.

As a result I am moving my clients AWAY from McAfee to AVG.  More expensive but they are more helpful and do not stop me using Screen Connect.

It will be McAfee's loss...

Chased McAfee again last night but there has been no further progress.  Apparently escalated on 30 April but I'm not overly confident, had to ask the question about six times before they acknowledged.  And then refused to comment any further.

I have noticed that this problem appears to ONLY occur in version 6.9 of the client.  I have a coule of users who have McAfee anti-virus which I have not upgraded to the later version.  And they do not seem to be effected by the quarantining problem.

So is there something in version 6.9 causing them some rogue signature at McAfee?

Does this problem/has any one seen problems with the 2019 version release?   Maybe that is the solution and perhaps "mark" 6.9 as a problem?

Hi Caitlin,

I have spent the evening chasing McAfee again to find out what is happening.  It appears that they have done nothing.  My original submission was sent on the 18 April.  I have since contacted technical support 4 more times and submitted the DLLs for scanning another 3 times, including once to one of the tech support team. 

All they have done is sent "one" summary email to a higher-level team.  They haven't sent any follow-ups or anything.

I don't think they care at all.

They have just promised to send another escalation email (right now, but I am not holding my breath).   And have been promised another call in 30 minutes but I'm told they will not tell me what they have done so far (my bet is nothing) and they will not tell me when they will fix this...

Based on this call I will start to recommend to all 44 of my clients that currently use McAfee to remove it.  I'll probably recommend AVG although it is a bit more expensive

Caitlin … please help?

Hi Caitlin,

I've currently got 44 clients have been impacted by this, that I'm no longer able to access.  Various versions of McAfee involved, but the last two I was loking at were

McAfee Total Protection vs 16.0

Security Centre 17.8.131

VirusScan 22.3.143

Engine 3693.0

I've seen this on a few Live Safe version too.

A senior McAfee technician is "supposed" to be phoning me this evening between 20:00-22:00BST but I'll see if they actually phone.

I will be stressing the importance of this and expecting an action plan and commitment to resolve.

If not then I will be recommending my clients "ditch" McAfee as this is destroying my business.

Please do and apply more presume.

I'll prove another update ASAP

10 days and McAfee have still NOT resolved this problem.  They are quarantining all four of the ConnectWise Control "ScreenConnect….DLLs"

Has anyone else come across this.  How can we increase awareness and PUT MORE PRESSURE on McAfee to fix this?