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This issue has been solved by Tony Seunbane (CWControl Support). This isnt an issue but a 'feature' as the permissions has changed.

We got the advise to create a local account which is able to join without consent.

Agreed. This kind of advertisements looks very cheap and unprofessional in a professional support tooling.

Then why not creating a new instance and changing licenses over to that instance? Or is that thought too simple. We got an instance for our Remote Support Sessions with Standard Licensing and an instance for Server-only with Access Licenses.

Same here. Pop ups sometime, even on the code-joining page.

Hi Eric.

I noticed this problem you described, today. However: this machine was enrolled with ConnectWise. I've encountered this problem on a non-enrolled device (Guest Support Session). I think the main thing is that the flickering part has to been fixed as also the ability to close the session.

Hi Eric,

Probably only on Windows 7 machines.

Just wondering: any news on this one?

Would be cool to intergrate CW Control into TOPdesk. Once you write down the CMDB number of a system, maybe an option to open a session via TOPdesk.