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This would be a great integration to have!

Currently the only way to do this is multiple IP's one for Web and one for Relay traffic. This means multi-domain SSL cert and two nics for traffic.

I see, makes sense now. The biggest thing here is just having the ability to delay triggers. Then you could really do a lot with this.

I have a nice HTML online alert for this as well. Set HTML as True and drop this code in body ;-) 

Server Online.htm

I've got you on that one, create a new trigger servers online

Event Filter:

Event.EventType = 'Connected' AND Connection.ProcessType = 'Guest' AND Session.GuestOperatingSystemName LIKE '*server*' AND Session.HostConnectedCount = 0

Add as SMTP Mail


Server Online


{Session.Name} started responding at {Event.Time}

Please add the ability to have a delay option in your triggers! I use the Offline Machine Notifications extension which is great but doesn't allow for HTML notifications. If that could be adjusted that would be a great start however there is so much power in your guys triggers. If there was a delay on something being triggered not only could you use this for offline machines but also you could delay cmds and have auto fixes through control. Hmm maybe even give Automate a run for it's money.