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Thanks for putting this 'Under Review', however, I have noticed this is the third time this has gone to 'Under Review' and saw the last status was 'Started'. I was hopeful this was going to make it into the product at some point and am wondering what the status is as the tags are a bit confusing or perhaps even misleading.

I would love for it to wait 10 or 15 seconds. I don't want it to download anything ever.

Looks like this is already available. Open Control and select a single monitor, then hold shift and click on the other monitor. It opens in a new window.

I would love to be able to disable the clipboard as well. Sometimes I give remote access to vendors and need to leave the Connect session open on my desktop to make sure they don't need anything or are not doing anything nefarious. I have found my clipboard becomes populated with the things they do. I have a clipboard manager and see the entries. I also use things out of my clipboard and do not want to inadvertently share passwords or other sensitive information with whoever is on the other end of the session.