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I really don't know why a company like this don't care about the requests of the users that makes their business alive !

Request posted 3 years ago and there is no any development ! Thinking to switch back to TeamViewer !

I agree, still waiting for that. I never use both 2 screens at a time and I have to switch too to the first screen on connect !

After two weeks of use :

1 - Still have some lags (one occur sometimes when I disconnected from a user account to log in another account in Windows 10, I have to click on the screen to see the Windows 10 lockscreen), but less since I changed default screen resolution to medium.

2 - Still wating for this basic feature (default view to only one screen)

Thanks for the file transfer extension. Someone said that miss some useful features in this extension. Here is what I think :

1 - Should let us to select another drive than C:\ on the guest computer

2 - Make a dual view windows like TeamViewer, host browser at left and guest browser at right and add button to send quickly selected files/folders to the guest.

Asked the same thing before to see this topic. Published 3 years ago. Really ? So basic feature for this kind of product. I'm a Teamviewer user since 2 years. The price of their plans (I have an old licence with TeamViewer 12, no subscription plan) forced me to look at another solution. Someone in other business talked to me about ScreenConnect (ConnectWise). Tested it 1 day. I like many features of this service, but there is two negative points :

1 - It is slower than TeamViewer to remote control guest that has bad Internet connection. Several lags with display even if I set the resolution to Medium.

2 - No possibility to show only one screen by default when the guest have two screens.

This morning, I will look at another solution to try...