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Fellow posters, 

Not trying to hijack this post, but not sure where else to talk to you guys that have this working...

Do you guys only use ConnectWiseControl via https:<domain> or do you all use ConnectWiseAutomate, which has two components, the Remote Agent for monitoring, and the second ConnectWiseControl piece that is basically the same piece that is a part of the screenconnect product?

We have been trying to migrate from the former to the latter.  We use Jamf for pushing out things. After ConnectWise started signing the installer for Mac, things were gravy.  However in the ConnectWiseAutomate side of things, I have issues.  The mpkg installer from the Automate console supposedly fails to install and gives the following error: 

"Script result: installer: Package name is <br/>installer: Installing at base path /<br/>installer: The install failed (The Installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance.)<br/>"

However, the mac shows up in the Automate console and the LTTray icon appears in the tray.  In order to install the ConnectWiseControl software, I have to double click control and it asks me to install the control piece of the software.  Doing that pops up a PPPC-related request (see below) with ltechagent, even though I've separately put in a PPPC config profile for the path "/usr/local/ltechagent/ltechagent" (see below).  It must somehow be running from another path, but I can't find a trace of another ltechagent on the test Mac I'm using.

I have all of the suggested PPPC profile items in place for Bash and the signed screenconnect stuff (all courtesy of mobileconfigs from here.)  The additional PPPC I tried to use to get rid of the PPPC prompt:

Prompt I'm getting when I believe ltechagent tries to install ConnectWiseControl:

' "ltechagent" wants to access to control "Finder". Allowing control will provide access to dcouments and data in "Finder", and to perform actions within that app.'

PPPC for LTechAgent:
identifier: /usr/local/ltechagent/ltechagent
identifier type: Path
code requirement: identifier "com.labtechsoftware.ltechagent"
Accessibility- ALLOW
AppleEvents- ALLOW
BundleID / identifier "" and anchor apple

AppleEvents- ALLOW
BundleID / identifier "" and anchor apple

AppleEvents- ALLOW
BundleID / identifier "" and anchor apple

Some questions:

1. Is the Remote Agent installer from ConnectWiseAutomate supposed to install both the LTray/ltechagent and the ConnectWiseControl software? 

2. How do I troubleshoot the installer error I see?

3. Is the installer error related to the installer trying to install the ConnectWiseControl software too?

4. If the answer to 1 is no, is there another way to install the ConnectWiseControl automagically without needing to double-click connect in the ConnectWise Automate console?

Please post here when that version is available.  While I can also dig up the Team ID after it is installed, can you also provide us the Team ID of your signed installer when the new version is available?  This will make it possible to whitelist in Jamf/PPPC before I test the new version.


Two questions:

  1. Can this be worked around for a screenconnect-abc123 application to allow it accessbility? I'm assuming not since there is all of this kerfuffle.
  2. Without an apple developer account, is there another way I can self-sign this app and throw it into the PPPC tool?  

I've been watching this since the beginning on the sidelines when the issues with PPPC first showed up in the wild.  If both of these are negative, I'll give Connectwise one more month to fix this.  Otherwise looks like I'll join the others and go talk to Bomgar or Team Viewer who are already beyond this.