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I'm looking for user idle time.  

If a PC is turned on but never used then the idle time per day would be 1,440 minutes.  If I can have a report that sums this over 30 days, I would be looking for PCs with 43,200 minutes of idle time or close to it.  This tells me the PC is just not getting used.  I know I can already view PCs not checking in, but this relies on the PC not being turned on.  We have situations where PCs are powered on but no one logs in or they may log in and check email once a week.  This is what I'm looking for, underutilized PCs.

There is another feature request I replied to yesterday that is very close to this same request.  That user who created it is looking for the same feature as well.

I would want to report on Total Idle time over 30 days.  If you can sum over 30 days, then you can see if a client is turned on but not getting utilized by any user.