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Anyone having issues with clipboard too in these later releases?

This is a huge problem.  We can send test emails with no issue but triggers are not working at all.  Created several super simple triggers and nothing.  Appears the entire trigger engine is broken. 

We need some info and an ETA on this.  I was going to upgrade to latest 20.9 but Simon says it is still broken there.  

This is upsetting especially shortly after ConnectWise has taken over.  This is two months now and only just a week ago they "bumped up the priority"!  How about this is the priority since you broke it.

I thought about doing the same as you did but figured this would be fixed quickly.  We also have other monitoring software for these machines but its annoying.  Even though its EOL its a plus to have SC work on it since we all have legacy systems we have to support until we can get the clients to transition.

Any updates on this?  We had to uninstall on all 2003 servers.  In one case the continuous crashing of the server caused resource exhaustion and crashed the server.