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Hi Eric,

Is the plan still to have a pre-release of 7.0 with a fix available out next week?


I just received an update from the support manager regarding the ticket I have open with them about this. I really hope they actually release it in a couple weeks.


Hey Jason,

The fix is going to be in 7.0. I just talked to Development team and pre-release for 7.0 will be in a couple weeks...if all goes well and there aren't any issues with it.

I would monitor the output stream and be ready for it!

Drew Avery
Manager, Support Services

Hi Eric,

This is a real issue and we really need a fix. It doesn't seem like you are taking this seriously. When can we expect 7.0 to be released with the fix for this? I'm not one to complain but this is making it challenging to provide services to clients.



We have this issue happening on 2000+ machines. We’ve updated to the latest version of SC server but it’s still happening. The exact same issue as shown in the video.

We are connecting from Windows 10 machines to machines in SC access which are Win 10, 7 and all versions of server, 2012 2012 R2, 2016.

We really need this fixed as the machines won’t logout so they stay locked and then don’t restart for  updates.

Support was not able to assist us, they said it was a known issue and would be fixed in the next realsase. That release just came out and it didn’t fix it.


This issue is happening with all of our Windows Servers (2012 & 2016) machines. We cannot sign out, restart or shutdown the machines. The machines just go to a lock screen and it takes a very long time for SC to refresh and show us the lock page.

We really need to have this fixed, we have no way for our staff to logoff servers when they're done working on them. The servers stay locked and therefore don't get updates properly or reboot for scheduled tasks.

We're running version 6.8.20124.6845 and have about 330 Windows Servers added.
Windows 10 machines are also having the same issue.
I have not tested windows 7 machines yet.

Easy to reproduce:

Instructions for windows 2012:

Logon to a windows server, push the ctrl-alt-delete button in ScreenConnect. Then in the top right or bottom right of the screen click the username then click sign out. The screen will then lock rather than signing you out. The machine will also not reboot or shutdown when pushing those buttons on screen.