Your comments

I agree with you all that the ability to remotely control the resolution of a machine would be nice, and I have commented previously the same. I think this feature is a needed addition to Control.

I will say that we have installed headless display adapters on all of the machines without a monitor that we control. These run less than $10 on popular online retailers and come in HDMI and DisplayPort options. They give us the ability to select any resolution we would like to display when we log in. This doesn't help machines with fixed or security-locked resolutions, but still solves the majority of our resolution issues.

We added some 4k headless Display Port adapters to the machines. They were cheap, and they work great. It would be nice to have software-based solution for that though.

+1 for us on this. Definitely need the ability to push the resolution to the headless machine.

We would also like that feature. On certain unattended machines, we would like to log the user out of windows on SC session close.