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Agreed, huge pain in the butt if a already enabled device upgrades to Mojave.

I spent quite a while writing very detailed EXACT steps for an end user. I then tested them... Big time investment and hassle (writing, testing and then having end users try it (both worked, yay).

Here are steps. I would have loved if someone else wrote them out but here is what I have to walk virtually any end user through it...


Local Mac adjustments needed to “re-enable” remote support on “Mojave” upgraded Macs (must be done by end user locally). Basically we need to delete old permission and allow new one (this must be done locally by an Admin leveled end user we cannot do this for you!)

  1. 1. Log in to your Mojave (10.14) Mac. Click Apple icon (upper left)
  2. 2. Choose “System Preferences…” then choose “Security & Privacy” (top row, toward the right).
  3. 3. On window that pops up go down about 8 choices and click on “Accessibility” (blue circle, white silhouette )
  4. 4. On lower left click the (locked) gold colored padlock to allow changes (it will ask for your login credentials, normal Mac login password again). Padlock should now appear “unlocked”.
  5. 5. Now on the right what was “grayed over” is now bright and selectable (screenconnect-fb7993d5eecfb706)
  6. 6. Click on screenconnect-fb7993d5eecfb706 (so it’s highlighted and turns blue)
  7. 7. Click on minus button (slightly below) and it will disappear totally.
  8. 8. Restart Mac, then login again.
  9. 9. Once logged in, after a brief delay you will greeted with a pop up “screenconnect would like to control this….”.  Click/choose “Open System Preferences”
  10. 10. This will take you to same screen you were on in step 4 above, but this time the grayed out “screenconnect-fb7993d5eecfb706” shown is now the correct one! (allow it)
  11. 11. On lower left click the (locked) gold colored padlock to make changes (it will ask for your credentials, normal Mac login password again). Padlock should now appear “unlocked”.
  12. 12. Now on the right what was greyed over is now bright and full color (screenconnect-fb7993d5eecfb706)
  13. 13. Now click the little box to the left of “screenconnect-fb7993d5eefb706” to create a check mark in the box.
  14. 14. Click the (unlocked) padlock to “lock” your choice (padlock will animate to locked).
  15. 15. Close the “System Preferences”, you’re DONE. (Thanks!)

I did not read all the comments above and others noted some or most of this, but here it is anyway.

OK, after immediately letting ConnectWise know this was a big problem 9.25.18 (Mojave totally breaking ConnectWise Control on Macs), my two lab "test" Macs I had updated to Mojave (testing to see how another program worked) STOPPED working using screenconnect (I could see screen - view it - but nothing else remotely). I finally today looked again and stumbled on this above, while it did not work I kept at it and finally figured it out (and will share what I found - BTW, this worked on 10.14.1 as well, I have both now working yay!) So here is what you need to know extra:

First off I'm not a "Mac" tech, so I know very little on Macs (and kept looking at "Accessibility" and could not find anything called "Accessibility access") it did not match description at all. I kept getting the “allow”  or “deny” choices in the pop up message so I could not follow it (find it). Finally I found it, it’s a “tab” under Security & Privacy (I know the vast majority of folks are saying “Duh”, assume I know less than many savvy Mac users, lol). Anyway after I found it, and then followed directions, still no go. Did the uninstall and reinstall and nothing. I was about to update ConnectWise support and say “Any luck, still totally dead in the water” etc. when I tried something and it finally worked. I then did it on my 10.14Mac and my updated 10.14.1 Mac. It worked on both. And I updated the 10.14 device and ConnectWise Control STILL worked after the update (yay).

What I did is once I found the entry I SPECIFICALLY selected it, and removed it (hit minus button, close and restart Mac). Then after the restart, I used remote to “trigger” the pop up (request) and this time (knowing where to find it) I allowed the new one (looks exactly the same). And I then rebooted again. Even though it “Looks” the same, there must be some difference as it was already “Allowed” but only screen viewing” worked but after I specifically removed it and re-added it (after a restart). It finally totally worked again (yay). Downside big time is having to do it locally, I do not think I can “Walk” someone through what they need to do to allow it. Thanks fully the dozen or so Macs I only support occasionally have NOT updated yet and 10.13.6 is working fine…

BTW, the number after screenconnect-.... (on mine) is totally different (same one both devices) so I suspect it is unique to an account.