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Hello @Catalina, there is not way to automate the approval of the PPPC Screen Recording option on macs with macOS 10.15 installed. ConnectWise ScreenConnect prompts for this to be approved after installation. On managed devices with macOS 10.15 installed it doesn't look like this installation can be completed without manual intervention, which isn't realistic when managing devices at multiple locations.

The problem still exists on Screen Connect 6.9.21870 with Java 10 installed.

Hi Howie, I use the same process as you for whitelisting apps in Jamf Pro and I'm also hanging out to be able to give Screen Connect accessibility access. If you take a look at this KB it looks like they are working on the problem and hopefully soon have it sorted

Is there an ETA of when this will be working for macOS 10.14? Currently unable to push it out to labs until I can give accessibility access using an MDM.

@Caitlin signing the product will fix the problem. Then it can get access to accessibility through an MDM like other applications 

@Alex Heylin they won’t be the first. This can already be done for Team Viewer, bomgar and I believe Logmein

connectwise support have confirmed that they will not be fixing the certificate, so there will be no way to remotely approve it for Mojave.

Ticket #11269959

Hi Yochai, I'm not sure. I tried using the PPPC-Utility to approve accessibility access but I'm still not able to with 6.9.

I get the error /opt/ code object is not signed at all

If they sign the /opt/ application correctly like other apps then the access to accessibility will be able to be approved. I'll wait to the next version that gets released to do a final test. If it still doesnt work then I think I'll have to start looking for an alternative to manage our Mac fleet.

@sgtpoliteness do you use an MDM like Jamf? If you do are you able to approve the accessibility access using the PPPC Utility app

I'm currently on version screen connect 6.8 and haven't been able to test version 6.9.

The problem isn't so much if your connecting directly to a user because you can ask the user to allow accessibility access as long as they are an admin on the device. If there is no remote user and you are using unattended access, you have no access to do maintenance in labs and kiosks remotely with only view access.