Your comments

I started with support.

Apparently support has noticed the same problems I have that you have not.

Here is the applicable chat session:

10:57 AM - also ... the upgrade process is very bad
upgrade I get a notification to upgrade when I start a session so I
click ok to upgrade and always get errors because a session is in
progress so I have to hopefully remember to upgrade later which I never
do and so I have to write a note to do that and when I do I have to
uninstall the old application and start a new session to install a new
one ... very cumbersome and way too many things to do. This last time
was even worse, instead of just getting the normal error, I got a prompt
that it could not find the app and wanted me to look in the microsoft
windows store which of course it could not find

11:00 AM - lslater: That is something I have noticed so and will add a
link where we can add a bug report for that as I do not see one listed

Windows 10.

I would think that the errors are easily reproducible.

Just have someone start a support session after an upgrade is released.

I will have to wait for another upgrade in order to give you exact errors.

I can't use the software anyway because the last upgrade broke it.

I have multi-monitor system and the last upgrade broke the monitor selector.