Your comments

"this is due to lack of gui support and desktop experience." ??

I use backstage almost all the time, since I'm on charge to do maintenance on workstation and fix things while user is most of the time working, so it would be impossible for me to do it interrupting them, that why I use that often.

Now, what James said is real: Image flashes in and out of black when open any possible GUI.
Most often than none we need chrome to download stuff backstage because they are needed, instead to get complicated with command lines to do so.

There are several reason why to use a browser.
i.e. Some small software downloaded/run it from Toolbox do the same, so it's hard to follow them up working or what it's showing.

Just to give you example that I'm working right now: we can easily download Winget from (icon on the top-left), click to install it, and it's done.
After installed, winget works on command line.
There are a way to do it from command line/powershell, but it fails most often that it succeed.

Here is how it looks, flashing between white and black.

Image 1140

I'd rather go "I would you like to see some permissions around who can and cannot run reports", means a simple check-mark level to allow report or not to any Software credential, individually.

This is really ESSENTIAL 

99% of software have a list/export button right in there, no need to go to another module, several clicks away. That's not common sense at all !

I was 'surviving' getting that list mentioned above. Now I don't have any way to do it, and this is so silly for a so useful tool as CWC is

Most Company using CW Control, they don't like IT get into Report Module for some reason (I know, this is my 2nd Company I'm working with CWC, and seems to be a common rule, I asked to get access to that module, but it seems linked to admin level, so they don't want to give it away), therefore the only chance to export a list was that option.

As IT we have to do reports or list most of the time. Happens to be that I'm also on charge to maintain CWC.

just as one example: session Disconnected > 30 Days, to be removed (for CWC maintenance), we need the list before that's done.

and it would be so easy for CW to create a Button on the existing list when you select 1 or more sessions (Edit, Run Tool, End... PRINT/export LIST)
In that button I hope it could print/export the following info that already exist:

  • Company Name, PcName (or session Name) and Serial Number (for exact match of info/inventory)

That's all !

I hope everybody that pass by for this request could please vote it. Thanks!

"The amount of work that can be done without bothering the client by taking over their login session is astonishing." I'm with you 100% all the way.

I got this scenario now: I did add 14 PCs today and I've got to have control bothering the user because it was needed (user account, etc), and I forgot to force windows update since this pcs have never been maintenance.

Now, I'm wondering here (maybe someone knows the answer)
I did try to start windows update on backstage:
from CMD I found (google) wuauclt.exe /updatenow but I believe that might call the GUI side of it, so IDK if worked or not. No message at all.

I also follow thru Powershell (several steps: Install Module PSWindowsUpdate , Get-WindowsUpdate, Install-WindowsUpdate...) but no way to know either. 'Chinese' answer (PS gave a red error I rather won't ask).

I do really appreciate any comments on this, since IDK anymore where to put this. Before we got FORUM, now, IDK where to add this. Thanks !

Caitlin, thanks for your answer.

Yes, It's Company's policy to have it on all the time an IT is connected remotely, so user can see and we avoid any unsolicited connection. It must be a mutual (user/IT) agreement, in fact user must accept connection prior to that.

We need to have it relocated, it could be a specific corner, i.e lets say, down/right (for me the best) or any corner, stick to the edge. In the way it is now, it always bother when you have any browser opened with several tabs, etc.

Thanks JohnD123 you posted 2 very clear image of what I'm talking about. =D

Oh, yes, we need it badly, since admin guy belongs to a dept that doesn't use this software at all, but can't give admin level to others.

I'm with Brian too. If we have to join a desktop session first, makes no sense at all. I'd stay on backstage with sc console command tab instead, very limited. I believe it's not what we mean for this feature. =/

+1.  Let's do it Screen Connect! (sorry, I love its old name) you are the swiss-knife of all Remote Desktop Software! The
'Alexander the Great' ! Let's make the extra mile to the glory!. xD

+1  For those Commands Tab limitations (even it has good spectrum of use for me, around 80% of the time on most basic stuff) I have to go via Psexec under Windows CMD to do other stuff remotely, like calling Diskpart. This might put those together and avoid getting out of SC to resolve part of the job. I'm in !

Turn it off by default, a plus! AND (big and) accessible not only by SC admin tu be turned on/off: all SC IT users must be able to use it at will. +1