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The security prompts are part of macOS. Currently, it is not possible to allow the app to have access on behalf of the user. This is the same with any screen sharing app, except Apple Remote Desktop. ARD continues to work perfectly with no prompts. It does tell the user their screen is being observed but it does not prompt.

It can be deployed through an MDM. I use Jamf Pro to allow users to install the app on demand from Self Service. I do not push the app out automatically since it would cause the users to see a pop up window requesting permission for screen recording and accessibility. Despite the lack of a certificate this does work. It's when a user has to download the package themselves that this becomes an issue. They see the warning and the installer won't launch unless they right click and use the option to open.

I'm going to push to remove Screen Connect from all of our managed Macs. This is not the first time the ConnectWise has failed to deliver a quality product on the Mac. I asked over 2 years ago when or if you would create a native client for ConnectWise on the Mac so I could stop using the web client. I was told that one was coming. Obviously that wasn't true because I'm still waiting. We need a quality remote support agent, and Screen Connect isn't it. You can tell us not to upgrade to Catalina, but that's a very ignorant suggestion. New Macs will come preinstalled with it, and they will not boot properly from an older version of macOS, if at all. Using the excuse that you're at the mercy of Apple is lame. You have had macOS Catalina since it was released to developers in June. Your top priority should have been to make Screen Connect work. And one more thing... I don't appreciate that I have to reissue my configuration profile whitelisting Screen Connect every time there's an update for it. Why?

That's great. I'm not holding my breath waiting for it though. And what are you doing about the issue with Screen Connect activating the discrete GPU? That's not necessary. The Apple Remote Desktop agent doesn't do that and neither do other remote support agents. There is no need to do this. That issue has been open for over 2 years. This is Mac marginalization.

A lot of my users WILL upgrade to Catalina because they need to. They're developers. Also, what are we supposed to do with Macs that come preinstalled? Imaging on Mac is dead and a new Mac model will not boot up properly on an older macOS. ConnectWise had the opportunity to upgrade their software but it's obviously not important. I'm going to build the case to abandon Screen Connect for Macs. I have never liked this software anyway. It's poorly designed and it activated the discrete GPU in MacBook Pros which causes excessive battery drain. That alone makes this software bad for Mac users.

I am being fair. ConnectWise is marginalizing Mac users. Any GOOD developer would download and install macOS Catalina developer beta and begin working on making needed changes their software. It took ConnectWise MONTHS to give us a signed agent that could be whitelisted using a configuration profile. They have not bothered to do anything about how this software activates the discrete GPU which causes excessive battery drain. I can go a whole 8-10 hour day without plugging in my MacBook Pro to power but I couldn't do that if I had Screen Connect installed. I will not tell Apple to change their security settings because I support them 100%. Sure, it's annoying to have to whitelist some apps and processes, but that's my job. It's ConnectWise's job to produce a quality product. They. Have. Failed.

I'm going to push to remove this crapware from every Mac that we manage. ConnectWise does not care about the user experience on Macs. If they did they would stay on top of this. They would also create an agent that doesn't activate the discrete GPU on MacBook Pros. That issue has been going on for over 2 years. It's very clear that Apple users are not the priority at ConnectWise. 

No. I test. When I took my Jamf certification courses, I was taught to test, test, test, and do more testing before deploying something to hundreds or thousands of systems.

If it will help, I would be happy to test the new version by distributing it using one of our Jamf Pro servers. We need to be able to deploy Screen Connect without users being nagged about approving the app. A lot of the Macs that we manage never get touched by us. Some of them are as far as 1000 miles away, and the users are not admin users. The key for us being able to whitelist the app is that it must be signed. There is no other way for us to do this.

Right. It will work once permissions are granted, but that requires admin access. If a user is not an admin, they can't grant permission. Also, a lot of the affected systems are out of my reach. I cannot grant access. The only solution to this is that we need the app to be signed. Period. I don't care about the installer. When Jamf Pro runs the installer for Screen Connect, it does so with root privileges, so there is no Gatekeeper warning. The app itself needs a developer certificate. I'm not going to debate this. We know what the solution needs to be, so it needs to be implemented.