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Have a screenshot? Did you unlock system preferences pane before dragging?

Just to be clear, the new security settings are Apple required/introduced starting with Mojave. They do affect other tools too. The thing I'm asking for is ConnectWise to sign their app (so their customers don't have to). From there, you can use an MDM setup to set the privacy settings remotely with a profile. Other vendors are signing their applications and providing documentation on how to do this. All developers should be signing their applications these days anyway. So it is possible for ConnectWise to make this process better, but no vendor can circumvent the extra requirements that Apple introduced without MDM management. I recommend ConnectWise signs their app, provides a PPPC profile (may be hard the way they uniquely name the .app in /opt, so maybe just instructions) and encourage folks to get setup for MDM/DEP through Apple for those that don't want the extra steps on every computer to remotely control. Apple does not charge a fee for DEP. You can host your own MDM server, or pay someone to do that as a service. Apple does charge for the Developer to sign the App, but again, ConnectWise should be doing that, not every single customer of theirs. It is complex and the learning curve is steep, but it makes managing Apple devices much easier, so it is worth it. I provided many links in my comments on for how to create and rollout PPPC profiles with MDM, but it only works if ConnectWise or yourself sign the app first. 

I'm sure the number of developers that have figured this out is very high. There is a solution. Throwing in the towel and saying it's impossible is just frustrating. 

You'll need MDM access. The terminal won't help you.

Also, another user was able to get this working (only if they have a developer cert from Apple and sign the app themselves, which shouldn't be a requirement, hence this topic):

Glad to hear that. Now we just need to convince ConnectWise that signing their app is a good idea and that it will in fact help people.

I tried posting this as a reply above, but it has been stuck in moderation for 2 days now. I'll try here instead. 

Hi Caitlin (and team),

I'd like to encourage your team to not give up. I respectfully reject your assertions that this isn't possible. I know this is in fact possible, as I've seen it working (with other applications and with your application when signed). Your team unfortunately did not research extensively enough.  While I agree signing the application in and of itself not enough, if you have an Apple MDM setup and deploy your own privacy policy that whitelists the application (a signed application is required), then you can remotely approve the use of CW Control *without* any user intervention on the first connection. Let me try to help by providing some reading material: (see mdm channel)

I'd love to work with you and your team more directly to make sure this comes to light. If that is at all helpful, please don't hesitate to contact me. Here are the signing requests:

Please note, this is the .app that needs to be signed, not the installer. 

Thank you for considering my feedback on this.

I'm also having to buy hardware to bypass this problem. I did notice that if you enable remote desktop / VNC in system preferences that everything renders fine, so I imagine ConnectWise should be able to solve this somehow in software. Until then, its dongle or VNC. I'm going to buy these to try