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Hi Jyoti, 

Please refer to the email we sent yesterday, or your open ticket with Support. 

Hi Gavin, 

This extension was removed from the Extension Marketplace for all Control instances because of compatibility issues with later versions of the product. We did not remove it from existing instances, though it may now be in your Inactive list of extensions because of a load error. We can look to fix and republish this extension, but it may take some time -- it will go into the same pool as other priority work. 



Hi AJT, 

The Freshservice integration was actually developed by the Freshworks team. I've reached out to them (again) to see what the status of the integration is. The APIv2 comment is news to us, have followed up. 

Hi C1Bruce, 

Are you speaking specifically about the Remote Workforce setup? If so, there's a report you can run from the Extras menu on the left hand side: 

If you're speaking about Notes in general, we'll keep this as a feature request and review. Thanks!

Hi Steven, 

The RemoveCommandFromSession is there to clean up the commands run as part of the Remote Diagnostic Toolkit so they don't blow up the database. From an auditing perspective, the history of these commands and whether they're deleted is in the Audit Log. If someone deletes a command it's EventAttributes changes to 'UserDeleted'.

Hi Garth, 

The Freshservice integration was actually developed by the Freshworks team. Unfortunately it looks like they did take it down from their marketplace. I'm reaching out to see what the status of this integration is. Sorry for the delay!



Hi MichaelB, 

If we were to open this up to non-admins, would you be comfortable with everyone on your team having access to reporting? Or would you like to see some permissions around who can and cannot run reports? 

We'll look into making this feature available to non-admins in the near future.