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Hi Buddy!

Do you have a contact on the KACE side we could talk to? Or are you interested in building this integration? Reach out to me at 


Hi Josiah, 

When I run a report of All Session Connections with 'NetworkAddress' I see the host's public IP address in my CSV. You can ctrl-f in the Report Manager modal to find plain ole 'Network Address' as opposed to SessionGuest... 

Maybe I'm missing something in your request, but let me know!

Hi Evgenii, 

Unfortunately we don't have a way to do this natively from the product. Suggest reaching out to ManageEngine DesktopCentral support to see if they can provide some assistance. Our Support can only go so far with third party applications. 

Hi John, 

The above thread still applies to the situation with Mac. We've signed and notarized as much as possible, but the installer and pkg won't be signed because of the dynamic nature of agents and the customizations possible. 

Hi Csaba, 

This is currently registered as a feature request with the team, but I have no ETA on a change to the Mac host client. 



Hi All, 

Please reach out to Support if you're continuing to experience issues with M1 machines. I'm currently coming to you live from an M1 Mac on Monterey and have zero issues with the agent crashing or the other issues reported above. We'd love to troubleshoot as needed. Thanks!

Hi Simon, 

We're still investigating how best to handle this situation, but thanks for your suggestion! 

Please contact Support for assistance. 

Good eye Adam! We ran into some issues with updating the Report Manager extension to actually generate the login reports, but this should be out soon! 

Also noted your internal user report request, that is registered and something we can look into.