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Possibly related issue: unable to see console-user gui-desktop-session in some cases on MacOS. Details below.

Suppose you have a mac with logged on User-A on console, that is, running the usual local desktop-GUI session. On macos, starting around 2015 with 10.7 or so, the "Screen Sharing" app from apple gives remote person a choice: do you want to ask to connect to the logged-on console-user's current existing session (user A), or connect to some other users account ( let us call that user B). User B may or may not have an existing gui-session. If not, then another desktop-GUI session begins for user B. Note that unlike remote-desktop for windows, the existing console user A is not kicked out but can continue to use their mac, even while the other user B is connected to a simultaneously running desktop-gui-session, accessed remotely with Screen Sharing. The userB session remains running even when the remote mac disconnects, and stays running until user B logs out (or mac is rebooted).

In this scenario, screenconnect version 6.6 lets me choose to view the other user B, or login screen, but not the console user A. (I'll test further and give step-by-step how to recreate this scenario: it may require fast-user-switching be enabled. I'd like to be able to use screenconnect to see console user's session but it is not listed under View-> Select Logon Session: the only 2 options are "Login screen" and the "other user B".