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How is this a 3 year old feature request?  With the increase in bots attempting to auto-login and logging people out... in 2021 we still need to delete the user account and recreate it?  --  Joke kind of writes itself here.

Right... 19.4 and TLS 1.3/updated Mono has been promised for a while.  Yet it's not here.  You would think after the recent press about ransomware with Connectwise Control/Non-2FA accounts ... that this would be a higher priority.  Not something to put off for around a year...  And Yubico announced the TLS requirements a LONG time ago..plenty of time to get it done..

I also just upgraded to 19.4 ... and TLS 1.3 doesn't seem to be working .. is there a config we need to change?  Yubikeys still not working.

I would love this feature, as it's a nicer end user (for hosts) experience than OTP.  Also, please model after google and gitlabs U2F implementation, allowing multiple keys with one time code backups.  Many utilize multiple hardware keys .. one in the office and one everywhere else and/or a backup in case one gets lost.

Just adding another voice.  We too, would like to have multiple yubikeys attached to an account.

They could *also* use mono's Novel based LDAP implementation for AD authentication with a lot less effort than making their own windows client/proxy ..  I've resigned myself to the idea that they aren't doing it because it's simply not a priority for them :(  much to the disappointment of quite a few of us.

The menu option is there, but it's missing the libraries to work.  It only works on the Windows version.

We've been waiting *years* for this, at least ldap, if not full active directory.  I get that mono doesn't support AD, but you can get close enough with Novell.Directory.Ldap.  Please..throw us at least half  bone to work with.