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according to the doc they offer a $99 per concurrent technician cloud option for the linux users. i don't which licence this might be, the single has a 10 agent restriction:

how did you manage the switch to meshcentral? i'm running sc on a vps /debian 9.13 + plesk 18/ it's accesseble via a subdomain using an nginx reverse proxy. i've gone through the documentations but i couldn’t find instructions for a similar setup so it's unclear to me how i should intall meshcentral on this vps. i never used node.js before

I think connectwise removed the linux reports from the main bug portal so this small bunch of annoying people won’t show up all the time and just be in the way with this stupid “portal is not responding” stuff. It looks like no one reads these messages but at least we can talk to each other…:)

I’m lucky because I still have a working 19.4 instance I can go back to, but sometimes I think about the major security issue if my version has is or not.

we should get the hint

it hang again, after a couple of hours, here is a top screenshot:

there is nothing in the log


Here is the relevant part of the log. The first entry is the service stop before the upgrade. The system stopped responding after about an hour but no sign of the problem here.

Event (2020/12/08 10:46:06.900 +01:00, ScreenConnect Web Server, Information): Stopping service...

Event (2020/12/08 10:46:07.038 +01:00, ScreenConnect Web Server, Information): Stopped service.

Event (2020/12/08 10:46:07.039 +01:00, ScreenConnect Relay, Information): Stopping service...

Sending SIGKILL.

Event (2020/12/08 10:56:19.264 +01:00, ScreenConnect Session Manager, Information): Starting service...

Event (2020/12/08 10:56:20.264 +01:00, ScreenConnect Session Manager, Information): Successfully started service.

Event (2020/12/08 10:56:20.264 +01:00, ScreenConnect Relay, Information): Starting service...

Event (2020/12/08 10:56:20.862 +01:00, ScreenConnect Relay, Information): Successfully started service.

Event (2020/12/08 10:56:20.862 +01:00, ScreenConnect Web Server, Information): Starting service...

Event (2020/12/08 10:56:51.700 +01:00, ScreenConnect Web Server, Information): Successfully started service.

Interestingly today I left the server without a service restart after it hang and after some time it has recovered and at this moment I can access it again but I don’t know for how long.

One more thing I experienced, the upgrade from 19.4 fails with the following error, I need an intermediate step:

The assembly mscorlib.dll was not found or could not be loaded.

It should have been installed in the `/root/monoInstall/lib/mono/4.5/mscorlib.dll' directory.

License is not eligible to be upgraded to this version