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Fair enough! Thank you. Maybe for our request I'll talk to the department that needs this as settings up their own account with you guys.

Thank you! Is it possible with that extension to limit it to only select users or select computers?

I cannot install it to test now because it limits user access soon as it is installed and we're currently during business hours.

Any updates to this feature? Even allows a single port for HTTPS/HTTP/RDP/SSH would be better than nothing.

Maybe look into doing some kind of reverse proxy tunnel?

This is becoming a larger issue for our organization and we need a solution that other companies offer.

This looks like a great feature, however I don't believe it will fill the needs that my company is looking for. We have software on our laptops that we want to run and connect to the remote host via VPN. Hopefully, the VPN solution is still in the works and will be rolled out in the near future as I believe the others who has posted here are also looking forward to using an on-demand VPN connect.

Any updates? We are looking forward to this release.

I wish we had this as well, almost a deal breaker to not have on the fly VPN access to the systems.

Was this closed because it has been added or because it wont be added?