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Hey all - hopefully you see this before they delete it. Here's the sales director's email: Don't expect a response; as already proven, they don't care about customers. Maybe he'll do something if enough people email him though.

Here's another email from support after asking for them to call me and/or asking to speak with the director:

...If you wish to remain on premise and do not wish to have these issues then I would suggest moving to hosting on a Windows server. That's just a personal opinion considering we designed this system first and foremost on a .NET framework. It is also suggested in the doc below to run Windows over Linux or Mac.

Server System Requirements:


Will Reilly

Sales Executive

ConnectWise Control


Has anyone found an alternative product that works similarly?

Same here.  I've been asking them to extend my support by the length of time between January and whenever it gets fixed. It has now reached their director, we'll see where this goes.  This is so frustrating.  Up until January I've loved this product. If they aren't willing to work with me I'll be finding a new product.  All I'm asking for is them to (well fix the product) work with me; I'm not asking for anything unreasonable. 

I agree with this, except the part that says they will offer a deal. 

I tried to get them to extend my support for all the months the product hasn't been stable.  At first they tried pushing me to the cloud.  I told them uh, no. Then this is what they said:

We don't guarantee all releases are going to be bug free, and I do again apologize that you are having issues with hosting it on Linux. I can respect that you do not wish to host in the cloud but there are certainly options other than remaining on a Linux server. We have been able to successfully release versions of this for Windows as well as for the cloud that are not reflecting these issues.

Unfortunately after escalating the request for your credit, it was declined by my director.


This company must be competing with Comcast for worst customer service. I tell them about an issue that they should be fixing as part of what I'm paying for and instead they try selling me more expensive crap I don't need.

If they aren't willing to work with me on the support aspect, legal action might be taken. They have failed to provide what has been paid for. All I'm asking for is a support extension; I'm not asking for much. 

We should all be getting license extensions from ~January 15th through whatever day they end up fixing this.  That amount of time should be added to our already paid for license/support. 

Anyone have to deal with sales department yet?  My license/support is done now and they are trying to get me to renew.  I laughed.  I'm trying to get a license extension for each day since January 15th when I originally opened this issue with Connectwise. So far they haven't responsed to my inquiry but why would I pay for support when they refuse to support

@davison that would be great to know. Can support respond? 

19.6 does support TLS 1.3, however, it causes service crashing.  I am upgraded to it and have to keep rebooting services every 0.5-3 days. 

after upgrading to the latest Unix version, the portal stops responding after a couple hours. I have to reboot my server for it to start working agsin.