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I think I have the same problem. I connect, hit CTRL-ALT-DELETE and can't the screen update it but can type the password (without seeing the screen)... then the screen magically refreshes. Sometimes I connect, disconnect and reconnect for the password screen to show. Seems to affect Windows 10/2016/2018... 

Self-hosted, Windows 2016

Weird problem.

You can quickly fix this by deleting or renaming c:\ProgramData\ScreenConnect Client (xxx)\user.config

Had the same problem and I knew the last monitor dimensions were stored somewhere.

Are you sure you're not routing traffic through the VPN (default gateway versus split tunneling)? If default gateway, then it would be expected that you'd temporarily lose your connection while it reroutes to your host

I also reported this. I liked the old behavior where I could click in the chat and it would clear. Oh well, progress?!

Ok, reloading the advanced editor got the setting to stick. However, the feature used to work like so: 1. Someone would chat. 2. There would be a blue dot until you either replied or clicked on the message dialog to clear it. 

The new setting just acknowledges based on time, instead of an action. I assume there's no way to get it to work like it did in the last version.

I tried setting to 0 and 5 directly in web.config and it still took 10 minutes for the blue dot to disappear. Any other ideas?

Also I was unable to find the setting in the Advanced Configuration editor, but did find it in web.config.

Well, the blue dot did disappear, but it took a while for that to happen. Different behavior than previous.

Same issue here. Cycles between a number of sessions I've previously connected to. Happy to provide a video of this behavior in a private setting.