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you had a beta group testing this for a few weeks before releasing the 'canary' build,
I'd hope one of those people would be able to help with logging. It's now been 2 months. 
My Support contract has now run out and honestly I'm not going to help any further or pay any more $ until there's a clear commitment to get the product up to date. 
The issue doesn't occur on a fresh build, it creeps in later and is random. It is not reproducible in my experience. 
And please commit some resources to getting this product fixed- if you decide to drop the Linux server you'll be giving up more than a small bunch of complainers- you're giving up options if Windows develops a show stopping bug

been several updates to the Win server while we've been waiting here.

To rub salt into the wound I got an email from a Connectwise salesperson at the exact time I was meant to be in a remote session with a client - but couldn't because the session manager had crashed.
I've owned the product since July 2015 and they've NEVER managed to let me know when my subscription is nearly up.
Lack of updates to the Linux server now means I'll have to pay to get the bug fix we've been waiting for over 2 months for. 
I don't want to encourage bad service so it looks like that might be the end for me.
Huge pity because I really think there's a gold mine in the software if they decide to update it

I completely disagree that it's time to accept it's over and migrate to Windows. Connectwise always have the option to do that but if they do they lose me as a customer.
The rest of the world is moving towards Linux in a big way- the phone system I use, the servers I use, Docker, Kubernetes etc. 
Even Windows is introducing a Linux subsystem. I don't support any Windows servers and will only do so for clients, not suppliers. I have options if I need to move - I don't want to, but I simply don't have time to support another OS

Could someone from Connectwise please give us an official answer on this?

I am currently using HAProxy with Centos to get TLS v1.3 compatibility 

I am keen to build a new Ubuntu/ Debian VM to run without HAProxy, but can't do anything until this is conformed. Although v19.6 Stable doesn't appear to be available right now anyway...

voted for this- as the downloaded Mac installers are not signed, you can't extract a developer ID from them. This means that you can't easily add a kext whitelisting profile. And that means you have to walk users through whitelisting it manually...