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I came back to say the following in case Connectwise read this-

I've paid my maintenance on the basis that Connectwise have said they will continue to release Linux server updates.
I've also moved my Server to Windows but I hope this is temporary because I am REALLY uncomfortable with this current requirement...

yes we already know that CWC can tell if the session manager is running- it's in the Admin panel. Running that detect script and firing a restart of the service is a good idea. Also doesn't fix the problem, but it would be a good start...

No it was horrifically bad with under 200 clients.
Sadly the Windows version works well, but I now own a VM that I don't trust...

Ironically I was forced to move my install to Windows because of a client requirement - something I said I would never do. 

But Connectwise please note- I also was able to install Powershell, .NET and other frameworks to my Mac the other day, they work just fine...

Hey Justin,

With all due respect this is a thread about ongoing issues with the Linux on prem version. We're very happy for you if it works for you under Windows, but that doesn't help our issue. 
If I had to guess, I'd say the dev team made a deal where they could release one 'golden' linux version, then drastically ramp up the Windows version- perhaps on the understanding that when up to date with the latest .Net they might even be able to back fill to linux. 
It's been a disaster- they've taken a premium, class leading product and killed it by neglect. 

interestingly it looks like it they migrated to .Net they could get back Linux and macOS

'The .NET team has efforts to make .NET 5 compatible with Rossetta 2. Native support is a goal for .NET 6, with planning already starting.'

on Ubuntu this is 

sudo systemctl restart screenconnect

Guessing you could add a cron job for this, may investigate later. Good idea to monitor the Session Manager service

@Wwarren we can always hope. I don't know what the engineering burden would be to get the versions in sync, but it does appear to be a good strategy if
1. you want to be known as a multi platform company
2. you want to offer alternatives in case, say, SSO stops your main product(s) from working
and so on...
Currently we are at a stalemate- I'm not putting any more money into my 6 licenses until CW make a public commitment to Control Linux. 
I can run up open source alternatives that have better long term prospects for each of the platforms I support, but ultimately I'd prefer to pay for something I'm already invested in. 
Cool projects get abandoned, I'm just surprised that Control has so much promise and is being left to die by beancounters

Couple of comments-
1. the 'portal not responding' issue is not fixed, but it is maybe 70% better for me. It only affects my work once or twice per day instead of every time I go to use it
2. I was careful about updating clients because of the other bug report- but I upgraded one client and it was fine. After that, I now seem to be unable to re-install any clients. Not sure if it's a version mismatch but it doesn't seem to even attempt the upgrade (from the 20.2 canary version)

Sounds like the date modification is so it will run properly under my expired license, if that's the case thank you. I look forward to getting it installed