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No it was horrifically bad with under 200 clients.
Sadly the Windows version works well, but I now own a VM that I don't trust...

Ironically I was forced to move my install to Windows because of a client requirement - something I said I would never do. 

But Connectwise please note- I also was able to install Powershell, .NET and other frameworks to my Mac the other day, they work just fine...

@Wwarren we can always hope. I don't know what the engineering burden would be to get the versions in sync, but it does appear to be a good strategy if
1. you want to be known as a multi platform company
2. you want to offer alternatives in case, say, SSO stops your main product(s) from working
and so on...
Currently we are at a stalemate- I'm not putting any more money into my 6 licenses until CW make a public commitment to Control Linux. 
I can run up open source alternatives that have better long term prospects for each of the platforms I support, but ultimately I'd prefer to pay for something I'm already invested in. 
Cool projects get abandoned, I'm just surprised that Control has so much promise and is being left to die by beancounters

I completely disagree that it's time to accept it's over and migrate to Windows. Connectwise always have the option to do that but if they do they lose me as a customer.
The rest of the world is moving towards Linux in a big way- the phone system I use, the servers I use, Docker, Kubernetes etc. 
Even Windows is introducing a Linux subsystem. I don't support any Windows servers and will only do so for clients, not suppliers. I have options if I need to move - I don't want to, but I simply don't have time to support another OS

Could someone from Connectwise please give us an official answer on this?

I am currently using HAProxy with Centos to get TLS v1.3 compatibility 

I am keen to build a new Ubuntu/ Debian VM to run without HAProxy, but can't do anything until this is conformed. Although v19.6 Stable doesn't appear to be available right now anyway...

voted for this- as the downloaded Mac installers are not signed, you can't extract a developer ID from them. This means that you can't easily add a kext whitelisting profile. And that means you have to walk users through whitelisting it manually...