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Your domain.. if it ends in, you are cloud based.

I've not had a mouse on Android for as LONG as I can remember (since the old legacy app was replaced), honestly. I've had to use the tap, send click, for months and months and months, over a year. I honestly thought that it was just they PURPOSEFULLY took it away, which made me extremely mad and upset. I have a Note 8, and a Pixel 2 XL. Neither have a mouse. So I don't understand how it can take over 1 year to resolve this issue. And now after reading through these comments and seeing other people who are just as frustrated on the App Reviews on Google Play Store, IT PISSES ME OFF that nobody has fixed this. ConnectWise you have absolutely ruined yourself, and I hope you lose all your customers with it.

Someone out there thinks they can get free remote support from you and is installing your access executable/msi I guess haha

It does more than just scroll your thumbnails, scrolls the entire guest-info panel

And what the hell is this shit about, honestly. You're COMPLETELY hindering our ability to work and causing serious data corruption as when you're typing and it's glitching around between sessions it's overwriting data. So CW you release and force an upgrade to our production environment and f us all over. Thanks. And those who have the agent upgrade automatically, which SHOULDN'T BE AN ISSUE since we're supposed to be STABLE, are screwed over because we can't downgrade. Why is a stable release CLEARLY not stable? And why can't cloud users just DISABLE auto-upgrade altogether or enable a DELAY for upgrades for x amount of days/weeks/months.

Not to mention this problem also CLEARS whatever you are typing into on the messages tab right in-sync with the Guest Info Refresh variable. Ours is set low to 10 seconds. So you can type a message, and POOF cleared.