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On CentOS, I just run:

$ service screenconnect restart

It takes quite awhile but it does come back to life (usually). I'm running 20.2 release. It's still quite buggy. Leaving it around for any left behind systems that don't get turned on frequently to see the reinstall command, to point to the Windows server that I setup a few months ago.

SSL certificate configurator made it easy to setup. Purchased a cheap paid SSL certificate for all of $8.00 for a year. Ran configurator to generate CSR. Copy/pasted CSR into vendor's website. Received new cert. Uploaded cert onto the Windows Server desktop. Configurator found the cert and installed.

Out of the box CW SSL implementation, I received a Score of "B" due to TLS 1.0 and 1.1 being enabled on the Windows Server that I am using (also default config). Once I disabled TLS 1.0 and 1.1 via reg key in the link above, the Score is now "A".

Have you tested the SSL implementation using ?

I haven't tried the reverse proxy on my Windows Server yet. Was hoping to use straight up SSL implementation within Control; hopefully they've finally updated it to remove insecure/outdated SSL protocols (hence why I had Apache reverseproxy on Linux because of that).

At the bottom of that page, the latest stable on-premise Linux release is 20.1.

Full link if you can't see that:

Download that file manually on your linux box:

$ curl -O -J -L

Or lynx if you have that installed.

Linux version is held back several versions due to issues with Mono. See the bug report here:

Well I don't know what to say why SC crawls on my Linux VPS. Per support years ago, I run a weekly database routine of compacting, removing certain info, etc to try and keep it small. Database file right now is over 400MB on the Linux server (I haven't checked the Windows server). I have over 500 access agents, though only half are currently ever connected (i.e. turned on) at any one time. Now that I've moved over to Windows, it really is a night and day difference in dashboard performance. Searching for a device is snappy, as is the Admin page loading. I've even gone through the Linux SC server and removed more than half of the agents (since they are now redirected to the new Windows server) and the damn Linux SC server is still freaking slow. (Customers who haven't used PCs in awhile due to Covid19, so I'm leaving the Linux SC server in place while I migrate them over). I'm still having to restart the SC service daily on the Linux server since it locks up but not yet with the Windows server *fingers crossed*.

No the Linux server is on Linode, the $20/month plan, 2 vCPU and 4GB RAM. 99% sure it is on an SSD based host server.

As of yesterday, I've started moving my agents from my Linux server to a new Windows server running in Azure. I'm so amazed how much faster the CW Control on Windows server is. Switching between access groups is very snappy. Reloading the Admin page is soooo much faster. Only difference between the two hardware wise is 4GB more of RAM on the Windows server (8GB total). Same vCPU cores (2). I may move over my Ubiquiti UniFi over to the Windows server if it doesn't slow things down.

4% of the Connectwise workforce was let go 2 days ago. Curious if any of those positions were dev positions.