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As a quick note, to help quickly find a session in 6.0, you can have the customer send a chat using the Message panel and then follow the 'chat notification' on the Session List to find it:

This extension provides access to the most commonly requested entries in the web.config AppSettings section. An update is in the works to provide a wider range of settings for on-premise users for settings that aren't useful in the cloud, so it should have almost all settings that are available for use that can be updated from the Web UI.

The two that are relevant for the Expand Thumbnail Preview Image extension, "GuestScreenshotMaxPixelCount" and "GuestScreenshotMaxScalePercent", are present in the extension at this time.

I'm wondering what issue you're looking to solve for with this one, as there may already be something in product that can help, or a better way to manage the root cause. Also, would you mind clarifying how it's not working according to documentation?

Please not that AccessTokenExpireSeconds (time before the downloaded exe no longer connects) is different from AccessSessionExpireSeconds (when a session no longer shows on the host page after no connection from guest - 0 will disable this one).

If you are getting kicked off sessions after a period of inactivity as a host, this is more likely related to the InputIdleDisconnectTimeSeconds added in 5.5 which is set to 3600 seconds by default (and 0 will disable this one as well). The AccessTokenExpireSeconds won't kick a host from a session once joined unless ShouldRevalidateAccessToken is set to 'true'.

Sounds like the OP wants the Support Sessions that download a file (ClickOnceRun, for example) to delete that file that was run to launch the Click Once client from the downloads directory.

This information should be able to be obtained on the client machine directly as well, in case the machine isn't connecting to the server to provide it's information to be seen in the web interface.

Custom Theme Manager extension allows picking colors and logo option, but can't create a new Embedded Type theme, for example.

+1 CW-7689991 (wants to use Blue embedded)