Your comments

This really seems like more of a bug than a feature request. But whatever the case, I'm asking for it to be fixed/feature added too. 

I am pretty good at rolling with the punches. I understand things happen and sometimes change is inevitable.

But from the sudden and unexplained death of what they are now calling "the legacy forum", and continuing to leave an entire community of knowledgeable users in limbo MONTHS later, to a secret pay-walled replacement site mentioned only in a bug report thread, all new forum staff, no sub-forums, no representation on staff-built extensions, etc, all indications thus far suggest someone at ConnectWise is going out of their way to make sure the new "University" forum is as useless as possible.
I just assumed that also meant excluding the most helpful contributors such as yourself.

By the way, you should probably create your own archive of the useful info from the old site while you still can. This message is at the top of the "University" forum:
If you're looking for a discussion thread on the legacy ConnectWise Control forum, you can find
the archive here: The archive will be available until October 1, 2019.

Without the forums, how should we go about getting support/reporting bugs with extensions?