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I upgraded ConnectWise Control to v20.6

I saw the same behavior:

When I'm connected to a remote Mac and I reboot it, it reboots fine, but the remote user has to login before I can see or control the remote Mac.

I don't access to the command line either.

2 years and still no action on this issue?

when I use Windows, I use the mouse instead of key combos.

when I use Mac, I use key combos a lot more. I wish I had  dollar for every time I've disconnected from a remote session when what I really wanted was to quit an app on the remote Mac...

AnyDesk ( passes command-Q and command-tab - I JUST successfully tested it. As I recall, Logmein ( also passed command-key sequences to the remote machine, so it is not just Apple that can do this.

this is still an annoying issue...