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What fiasco?  I'm still having Linux issues.  What do you know I don't?

This is only one example of the 'you get what you pay for' approach from ScreenConnect.  They fit the bill for us but are a constant pain.  

These reasons are simply silly when other solutions, as already state, offer this without issue.

I realize the Feature-Request portal is where most good ideas go to die but I'll +1 this.

Their app on iOS is simply a client - very different from an agent.  Key difference there.

I can confirm that this works.  I appreaciet you spelling out the steps.  I am using xubunutu as the GUI and ConnectWise is slow as hell.  I take it I've maxed out the possibilities with the box and there are no more tweaks?

Can you provided step-by-step instructions used to get this working?

I second, third, and fourth being able to have full control over all Android devices, not just Samsung.